Big Dude New England Double IPA

Snifter $6.00 Growler $18.00

8.0% ABV • 64 IBU

Big Dude is double dry hopped with Citra and Mosaic, giving it a huge nose of grapefruit, guava, and wild berries. Smooth and juicy finish with a well-balanced bitterness.


Little Dude New England Pale Ale

Pint $5.00 Growler $16.00

5.4% ABV • 30 IBU

This beer a multi-sensory experience... Little Dude Pale Ale pours with a light straw color, and heavy haze. First approach packs an aroma of pear, stone fruit, and grapefruit. Drinks with a smooth bitterness and juicy finish.


London Porter

Pint $5.00 Growler $15.00

5.0% ABV • 30 IBU

This beer has a rich aroma of chocolate and coffee. Smooth mouthfeel with a mild finish!


Uncle Pat’s Pale Ale

Pint $5.00 Growler $16.00

6.0% ABV • 40 IBU

Well-balanced pale ale with a hefty hit of mosaic hops. 


Drop American Ale - Hybrid

Pint $4.00 Growler $15.00

5.2% ABV • 18 IBU

Clean and Light with a subtle nose of sweet corn and citrus. Light on bitterness and very refreshing!


Lemondrop Cream Ale

Pint $4.00 Growler $15.00

5.5% ABV • 23 IBU

Light and crisp with a hint of citrusy lemon. Easy drinker!


Archibald’s Ado Cider

Snifter $7.00

8.5% ABV • Arsenal Cider - Pittsburgh, PA

Arsenal’s basic semi-sweet cider. It's sweetened with brown sugar after fermenting.


Fighting Elleck Cider

Snifter $7.00

8.5% ABV • Arsenal Cider - Pittsburgh, PA

Arsenal’s off-dry cider. Named after Alexander Hayes, the fightin' Elleck, who is buried locally at Allegheny Cemetery.