A Craft Brewery located in Delmont, PA

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Yellow Bridge Brewing

Yellow Bridge Brewing is a craft brewery located in Delmont, PA. The brewery intends to bring a wide variety of top-notch beers to the Western Pennsylvania beer enthusiast.

Yellow Bridge Brewing is family-run by a few people that lack the common sense to keep a regular job. We are passionate about providing an excellent beer experience to our friends and neighbors!

Our Core Beers

Check out descriptions of our core beers along with those that may or may not make return engagements. In particular, we have our "Dude" series which includes 'Dude Wanted Juice', 'Big Dude' and 'Little Dude'. Another well received series includes 'Sebastian', 'Horatio' and 'Ignacious'.

Our Current Tap List

We have 3 or more core beers on tap year-round. After brewing over 50 unique beers, these are our favorites. They've made the cut. But that doesn't stop us from experimenting. We always have at least 1 rotating tap and often more new beers pouring throughout the week. Last and usually least, we have a couple of ciders on tap for those of you that haven't quite realized how wonderful beer is yet. Here's to good beer and better people!